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Interactive Media

We can create any type of interactive media from XR to Virtual reality cube installations through to hit app store apps. We can help in any aspect of the production of the media.

Augemented Reailty (AR)

We can create many different experiences using AR technologies to suit your project. These are not limited to networked applications that require multiple users experiencing the same virtual reality at the same time on multiple cross platform devices.


We can offer a full or part development of your games IP, focusing on the engineering side of the application the excellent production methods and techniques to make your game.

Unity Tools and Production support

We are experts in Unity and have a wealth of knowledge and tools to aid in the development using that engine. We can develop bespoke tools and production toolset to aid in your production of your application.



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Manage Your Health

Category: Interactive Media Client: Keele University / Stoke CCG / NHS

The manage your health app is an interactive app for patients and families to providing information and advice to members of the public on ways to help manage their conditions. Developed with Frayed Pixel, Keele University and the Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Information contained within the app and on the website is evidence-based and has been reviewed by healthcare professionals.

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Keele Augemented Reailty Enviroment (KARE)

Category: Augemented Reailty (AR) Client: Keele University

KARE or Keele Augmented Reality Environment, is an internal learning tool for students of Keele university that simulates all aspects of the human body in AR.

A fully simulated biologically accurate simulation of patients to be used in the education of doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

The KARE platform allows new scenarios to be created and amended on the fly and be updated on student devices.

A simulation can be networked across many students all taking on different medical roles, each role can have different actions in the scenarios.

Keele University infomation page


Category: Games Client: Internal

Orbis is a Newtonian space physics puzzler, where you sling satellites through space to collect all the data points. Launch satellites with a sling shot, and try to get them to collect all the data points needed to progress.

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KFACE - Keele Facial Animation Capture Engine

Category: Unity Tools and Production support Client: Keele University

Capture facial animation directly from actor into Autodesk Maya in seconds for animation production support.

This project uses the iPhone X depth sensing technology to record facial animation at 60 fps and also the corresponding audio. This is then saved to Autodesk Maya compatible file formats

The app is networked to a remote PC with teleprompter functionality, this aids the actor in delivering the lines.

Once recording has been done, files are transferred over the same network connection to the remote PC for processing.

We created a custom Autodesk Maya importer that takes these animations and audio files and imports them onto the character rig then it produces new scene files with all the necessary setup handled automatically, therefore speeding up production for the animation team to further animate the 3D characters.

KARE Tools

Category: Unity Tools and Production support Client: Keele University

The KARE project contains a custom made networked node editor that that be updated by keele university’s professors and support staff to enable updates and tweaks to the virtual patients case.

The project allows many users to connect to a shared experience that simulates the passage of time, therefore allowing drugs to influence the patients in either a positive detromal or non affecting manor. The tools allows the triggering of these effects and the subsequent triggering of new elements to be increasingly complex in nature to simulate the actual effects of drugs in the human body.

Unity Asset bundles was used for the management of the updating the senaroiroes and the pipeline for managing these was completely handled to one menu that allowed the creation/update and then uploaded to servers for download to user devices.

Keele University infomation page

Pharma Card Keele

Category: Augemented Reailty (AR) Client: Keele University

PharmaCARD Keele is an Augmented Reality app designed for use on the Masters of Pharmacy (MPharm) and BSc in Pharmaceutical Science, Technology and Business courses at Keele University. It detects images printed on cards (supplied free of charge to our students) to display 3D models of molecular diagrams used as part of the educational programme we offer to our students.

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Category: Augemented Reailty (AR) Client: Keele University / St John Fisher Catholic College

Numero uses augmented reality to show 3D objects on revision cards. It tests your knowledge via a quiz, asking you to work volume or probability puzzles.

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West midlands academic health science network app.

Category: Augemented Reailty (AR) Client: West midlands academic health science network / Keele University

A promotional app displaying the benefits of using AR to convey patient information of chronic illnesses.

Dentist training simulation

Category: Interactive Media Client: Keele University

Simulated dentist surgery created for dentist doctorate students.


Category: Games Client: Engine House

A game developed for Engine House for the iOS and android markets.

Theory of Rotary Flight

Category: Interactive Media Client: Fused Works / Navigator

Helicopter training application developed for the US military training colleges.

Ministry of Justice

Category: Training Video Client: Fused Works / Ministry of Justice

Informative instruction video for the MOJ.

Lotus Super 7

Category: Other Client: Internal

Lotus Super 7, Study into non real time rendering technology and modeling hard surfaces testing.